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We Are The Streets...

Go Dj Global was founded in 2006 By Global CEO Go Dj Hi C (@GoDjHiC ) in Houston, Tx. Soon after Go Dj Global’s creation New Orleans djs Silver, Black N Mild & Lil Man, New Orleans Mc Big Ramp, Producer Paradox & Hustler Rock Da Ultimate were brought into the Go Fam. After receiving Hi C’s blessing before moving back to Louisiana, Go Dj Black N Mild(Go Djs La CEO) brought the Go Dj brand to the state of Louisiana in 2007. After planting the seeds of growth during 2007, on May 6, 2008 the Go Dj Louisiana Music Group LLC was born. Since May 2008, the Go Dj Global and Go Dj Louisiana brand has seen tremendous growth throughout the southern states and nationally. The Go Djs have been nominated for various awards including the “Salute The Djs” awards, the SEA awards and the “Global Spin Awards” in 2009 sweeping the “Salute The Djs” awards in ALL THREE dj crew categories. The Go Dj brand has been built off of hard work by everyone involved. The Go Fam is as strong as the weakest link, and we have few. As the Go Dj Louisiana Music Group pushes into the future, we will continue to reach our fans and the public through innovative virtual and real life ways. Thanks to all that has and will help to grow the Go Dj brand in Louisiana and beyond.  

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